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Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL Server is the most popular and widely used R DBMS (Relational Database Management System), developed and marketed by Microsoft Corporation. It is used to create enterprise, web-based, and desktop database systems. The primary query languages of MS SQL Server are- T-SQL (Transaction- Structured Query Language) and ANSI SQL (American National Standard Institute Structured Query Language).


MS SQL Server is more than just an information platform to store and retrieve data. It can be used to power small business applications that have all assets on a single computer or develop large-scale projects that cover millions of users across a wider network. SQL Server is available in various editions and each edition has been optimized to provide mission-critical performance.


SQL Server databases are designed to prevent all kinds of vulnerabilities, making SQL Server one of the most secure database platforms. The tool has enhanced reporting and analysis capabilities and can effectively handle Big Data needs of the organizations. The business intelligence capabilities empower you to simplify existing data management processes and create a user-friendly and performance-driven environment.


Data Storage in SQL Server


The major data storage unit of MS SQL Server is the database. A database is collection of several tables that have typed columns. Microsoft SQL Server supports various data types, which includes primary data types such as Integer, Decimal, Char, Float, binary, Varchar, and Text. Rounding of the Float to the Integers employs either Symmetric Round Down or Symmetric Arithmetic Rounding.


In MS SQL Server, you can also define and use the UDT (user-defined composite data types). MS SQL Server also provides the server statistics as virtual views and tables (it is called DMV or Dynamic Management Views). Along with the database tables, SQL Server database can also have other objects, such as views, constraints, indexes, stored procedure, and transaction log. A MS SQL Server database may have maximum 231 objects. In addition to this, it can span several operating system-level files with maximum 220 TB file size.


The data in Microsoft SQL Server database is stored in the primary data file (.MDF), which is the main repository of all your valuable data in SQL Server database. The secondary data file, which has the .ndf file extension, holds optional metadata. The log files are stored with .ldf file extension.


Data Retrieval in SQL Server


The main way to retrieving the data from MS SQL Server database is querying. The database query is expressed via an SQL variant, known as T-SQL. T-SQL is a dialect that MS SQL Server contributes with the Sybase SQL Server because of its legacy. The queries are processed by query processor that find outs sequence of the steps, which are required for retrieving request data from the database.


Sometimes, these queries show up incorrect results or terminate in the middle of execution. This weird behavior is observed when the database contains damaged objects and data. This is indicative of severe corruption in your 'MDF' or 'LDF' database files.


Stellar Phoenix SQL Database Repair repairs and restores corrupt SQL Server database files, MDF as well as NDF. The software gives you a tree view of recoverable objects after scanning your database. You can preview items in the main interface and check them for consistency before final recovery. The tool uses advanced scanning algorithms to make recovery smooth, convenient, and risk-free.


The MDF recovery software supports the latest SQL Server 2014 to help you recover damaged Sequence objects. Using this tool, you can easily recover inaccessible filestream data type objects, sparse columns, and columns set property for SQL Server 2008 databases.





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